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Anonymous asked:

How did you make this I know it was 22 stings but I can't figure out the patters :/

Hey what pattern exactly were you asking about? It wont show me which post this question is about….I get most of my patterns from

Swanky Bubbles

Website I made for school. This is a student project, for a class and I do not own any of the photos nor the information for the San Diego Spirits Fest. I do own the logo and the design though! haha

The project was to design an event website based on one of 6 REAL events. Again this is a student project and does not represent anything actually occurring!

Typefaces are Bodoni Italic and Lato (a google font)

It is optimized for Firefox, I wrote fixes for safari and chrome in the larger version. The type may be awkward in IE, I don’t have a windows platform at school to fix it quite yet.

It is a responsive site, and will work when shrinking the window as well as on smartphones and tablets! enjoy and please feel free to comment with a message on here!

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